Caring for your Jewelry

Alayas endeavors to bring you beautifully finished accessories of the highest quality. To ensure you enjoy the use of your jewelry for as long as possible, it requires certain precautions on your part. The beauty of our jewelry lies in its fineness and delicacy. Like all delicate products, it is sensitive to how it is handled. For example, a glass jug can last years or shatter in a second. Suede shoes can be worn for miles, but not a minute in the rain. Similarly, jewelry must be used and kept with special care.

 As a result, Alayas is unable to provide a guarantee on jewelry, as it is so dependent upon how each customer chooses to handle it. However, rest assured Alayas’s jewelry is worn by thousands of satisfied customers every day, who duly care for their products and enjoy years of service from them. Many of our customers have accumulated collections of dozens of Alayas pieces, which is a wonderful testament to their faith in its quality and value.

 Alayas jewelry is made of a brass/copper/silver alloy plated with a fine layer of gold or rhodium, hand-set with superior quality cubic zircons or crystal rhinestones. This is why its appearance is so authentic, yet its cost can be kept so reasonable when compared to identical solid gold jewelry. Alayas jewelry is a fashion article, not an investment in the manner of precious metal/gems jewelry. Given these cost limitations - which ultimately favor the consumer - fashion jewelry is not intended to last a life-time and is best worn on occasions. With usage and time, the plating or color will inevitably fade, but by then it is easy to have received more than your money’s worth!

 To care for and extend the life of your jewelry, please follow these tips:

  1. Avoid contact with moisture or water (don't wash hands or shower with it on, or leave it next to the sink).

  2. Keep it away from perfume, lotions or other chemicals that will harm and reduce the life of the plating.

  3. Store it in the original packaging or a soft pouch. Exposure to open air may dull the plating due to pollution and humidity.

  4. To avoid scratches or stones falling out, please be careful not to drop it or knock your jewelry against hard surfaces while wearing it (especially for rings and bracelets).

  5. Be gentle in opening and closing clasps, remove earring stoppers and pressing on earring posts. Such delicate and thin metal cannot stand a lot of pressure. To make it stronger means making it thicker, and that would diminish its beauty.

  6. Appreciate that jewelry with more skin contact, like rings and bracelets, will fade faster than earrings and pendants, and manage your use and expectations accordingly.


Should the color of your jewelry fade, or a stone fall out of place, don’t worry! Alayas After-Sales service team is ready to support you and restore your item as close to new as possible. For more details, please refer to After-Sales Service policy.


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