After-Sales Service for Jewelry

To the extent and expertise available locally in Pakistan, we are pleased to provide after-sales repair service on Alayas jewellery. This typically includes re-plating in gold or rhodium, or the replacement of missing stones (crystal and cubic zircon).


 1)      Please note that we can only provide the repair service if:

  • It is deemed possible to return the product to its original condition or functionality. That is, it should not be damaged beyond repair and Alayas will be the sole determinant of that.

  • All spare parts required for the repair are available.

  • No third party repair has been attempted on the article.

 2)      Repair takes approximately two weeks and is handled by Alayas Head Office in Karachi.

 3)      It is our sincere effort to return the item to its original appearance as far as facilities permit, but no guarantee is given of the final results nor liability assumed.


Repair prices are not fixed, as it depends on the nature of a specific item and its defect. Please note that Alayas charges only the actual incurred costs of repair, without any markup, as a service to our customers. That cost is normally nominal in relation to the original price of the product, especially in the case of more formal jewelry. As an example, gold or rhodium re-plating of a ring usually costs only Rs 550. For the more budget trendy/fashion type articles, it is not advisable to seek repair after its useful life is complete, as it may be more feasible to purchase something new instead.

How to:

Please first call 0330 977 8777 or email for a reference number and then courier your article to the provided address details. Please note:      

  • We are unable to assume liability for damage or loss during transport, so please take care to package it well (preferably its original packing) and send it through a reputable courier company.

  • Please enclose your contact details and address for its return.

  • After repair, your article will be delivered to you through our courier service on Cash on Delivery basis. You will need to settle the charge for 1) Repair and 2) Return Courier cost.

For any further questions or update, please contact Alayas Customer Service at

0330 977 8777 or email us at


0330 977 8777

Working Days/Hours:

Mon - Sat / 11:00AM - 8:00PM

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